A call to Save Constitutional Studies in the Ohio Classroom

A call to Save Constitutional Studies in the Ohio Classroom

H.B. 239, the reduce end-of-course assessments bill that is currently in the Primary and Secondary Education Committee in the Ohio House, threatens to kill the requirement of Constitutional studies in the Ohio classroom from grades 8-12. Ohio currently requires the teaching of the Founding American Documents of our Republic in all 88 school districts, with an end of course exam requirement that assures the subject matter will be taught. Here to discuss the urgency of this issue is Greg Lawson of the Buckeye Institute, a public policy think-tank in Columbus.



Anxiety, Depression, Isolation, Addiction Surge During COVID-19

Ohio is seeing a resurgence of opiate addiction and overdoses during the COVID-19 shutdown. People across the State of Ohio are experiencing isolation, anxiety, and depression, and unfortunately, some are turning to drug addiction and alcohol. Ohio made national news, as the Franklin County coroner reported a 50% increase in fatal overdoses from Jan -April 15. In April alone, the Coroner reported that 62 people had died from drug overdoses. This is just one county reporting. The concern is the numbers are just as high in other urban counties. Here to discuss the problem is Rev. Greg Delaney who serves on the Governor's task force for Recovery Ohio. Before COVID-19, Ohio was seeing reduced numbers in opiate addiction and overdoses. Unfortunately, we have had a serious setback. Greg discusses what the challenges are and what we can do to help.  

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