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Attorney General Dave Yost Discuss Columbus Church Attack

Columbus, OH - St. Joseph's Catholic Church was the scene of an attack by radical abortion activists on Friday, January 22. The church was holding its annual memorial service for the unborn on the 48th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade when the nearly one dozen riotous protestors burst into the service with signs, bullhorns, shouting profanities at the attendees and the attending priests. The congregants were disturbed and frightened by the sudden attack. Columbus Police were called, but no citations were given and there were no arrests. The group has stated on their Facebook page that they plan on returning to the church. Attorney General Dave Yost discusses what his office is reviewing in light of this threat to religious liberty. 

Part 2 - The cancel culture is exploding. Censorship and attacking people for their personal views is on the increase. The censorship by the big tech companies continues unabated. First, they cancelled President Trump's Twitter account that had 80 million followers, then they censored a number of national conservatives, including members of Congress; now they're coming for you and me. But, some are fighting back, like Florida Governor DeSantis. His state is introducing legislation that will penalize big tech for censorship, bias, and unwanted data collecting of Florida citizens. Hopefully, more states will follow. 

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