Fighting for Parents’ Rights on the State School Board with Kirsten Hill

Fighting for Parents' Rights on the State School Board with Kirsten Hill

The Ohio State Board of Education recently considered a proposal to adopt learning standards for what is termed "social and emotional learning standards."  Members of the State School Board expressed concerns with the Department of Education as to the ambiguous nature of the concept. Some of the concerns that were expressed were data collecting on students, indoctrination, and erosion of freedom of attitudes, values, and beliefs with no regard for parent autonomy, and concerns with more federal overreach. Unfortunately, even after a valiant fight by some members on the board, the motion carried to adopt social and emotional learning standards for Ohio schools. But the fight will go on as parents and community leaders will be monitoring it on the local level.  

Part 2 - Interview with Tim Grendell, the original sponsor of the Founding of America Documents Curriculum that guarantees the teaching of the U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, The Northwest Ordinance, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Paper, and The Ohio Constitution in the Ohio classroom in grades 8-12 with an end of course exam, speaks out against the effort to do away with the end of course exam as H.B. 239 proposes. Also joining the program is current State School Board member Sarah Fowler of Ohio's 7th District. Sarah presents evidence that the effort just two years ago by the Ohio General Assembly to do away with testing assessments in the 4-6th grades in American history has resulted in the subject not being taught, as it is no longer required. ACTION ITEM - CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES AND URGE THEM TO OPPOSE H.B. 239 AND THE EFFORT TO ELIMINATE THE END OF COURSE EXAM IN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND HISTORY! TOGETHER WE CAN SAVE CONSTITUTIONAL STUDIES IN OHIO SCHOOLS! 


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