Full interview with author Rod Dreher on his book Live Not By Lies

The full interview with author Rod Dreher on his book Live Not By Lies

Part 1 - Live Not By Lies with author Rod Dreher, senior editor of The American Conservative. Live Not By Lies is a book that details the cancel culture and the woke culture that is bearing down on American individual freedoms. The progressive left has adopted a new religion and it is in direct conflict with Christianity. Rod details in his book how European immigrants formerly from the East Block countries under communism are sounding the alarm that they are seeing the same type of tyranny in the United States that they fled, and are concerned that Americans do not see the warning signs. Live Not By Lies is a must-read.

Part 2 -  Hidden Heroes- Rod Dreher discusses part 2 of his book in which he details the personal stories of those he met who survived by their faith and determination behind the iron curtain during the communist reign of the Soviet Union. These dedicated saints send a warning to Christians in the West, that they see the same encroachment on freedom now in the West that they experienced in their own countries before the hard fist of tyranny came down. Rod shares his personal account of meeting these people and hearing their stories firsthand of how their faith sustained them in the face of tyranny. Live Not By Lies is a must-read. 

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