Suffering in Silence Behind Closed Doors - Our Elderly at Ohio’s Nursing Homes

Suffering in Silence Behind Locked Doors - Our Elderly at Ohio's Nursing Homes

We are now entering the fourth month of a lockdown on nursing homes across the State of Ohio. Husbands, wives, children, and loved ones have not been able to go in and visit their family members in Ohio’s nursing homes. Our elderly who deserve visits, care, and the expression of respect from those who love them have been denied this since the order went into effect.

We are receiving numerous reports that these residents in the nursing homes are becoming despondent, confused, and not eating. Their family advocates are not able to properly fulfill their roles in helping to oversee the health care needs of their loved ones in Ohio nursing homes; the order forbids them from entering the facilities to assist with the care of their loved ones or to observe what health care workers may or may not be doing to care for their loved ones. The time has come to act. In this broadcast we address the issue and have a call to action, urging Governor DeWine to announce a visitation plan for family members at Ohio's nursing homes. Tell the Governor what you think at this link. 

 OCA letter to Governor DeWine

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