Voting Rights Case at Ohio Supreme Court - How will the Court decide?

Voting Rights Case at Ohio Supreme Court - How will the Court decide? 


Will the Ohio Supreme Court uphold the rights of voters or will they hand a victory to bureaucrats who have been denying local citizens access to the ballot?  One year ago this week, citizens in Medina County submitted petitions for a referendum. Little did they know they would have to fight all the political bureaucrats of the county to simply exercise their right to vote. After a number of appeals were denied by the Medina County Board of Elections, the citizens had no recourse but to file for mandamus action at the Ohio Supreme Court. Representing the citizens committee is Attorney Josh Brown. He and OCA President Chris Long discuss the merits of this case and the huge ramifications it has for voting rights in Ohio. Ohio Supreme Court Case 2020-0179. 



Ashland Pregnancy Care Center - Interview with Executive Director Melanie Miller. 

Melanie Miller, Executive Director of Ashland Pregnancy Care Center, shares the mission and work of Ashland's Pregnancy Care. The annual fundraising banquet for Ashland Pregnancy Care Center has been rescheduled and will be virtual on August 6th at 7:00 p.m. Click this link to register for this free event online. Abbey Johnson is the keynote speaker. 


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